2015 Video Reel


Premiered at Dance Mission Theatre's 2015 D.I.R.T.(Dance in Revolt(ing) Times)  Program A and ODC Pilot 65 Program: Cruising Altitude.

 Review by Jai Arun Ravine: Here

Directed & Designed by: EKGROW, Choreographed in collaboration with performers: Caroline Alexander, Hallie Dalsimer, Dominique Nigro, and Rebecca Siegel. Music: Matrixxman, J Madrid, Andy Stott, and Moire. Lighting Design: Maximilian Urruzmendi in collaboration with EKGROW.

Sensitive Pressures, a "high" fashion runway show, is research into the presentation of the contemporary, female experience and how our body/bodies have been affected every day by a history of male possession and power. The work explores what it takes to identify where in the body we hold our environmental pressures/aggressors and how we might use this awareness to shift the physical, emotional, and spiritual states of the body towards greater self-empowerment and presence. Sensitive Pressures is supported by CA$H, a grants program of Theatre Bay Area, in Partnership with Dancers' Group..

Photos by Robbie Sweeny

SAP DFC 2014-2015

In the editing room | Anticipated release: Fall 2015

Director/Editor: EKGROW. Choreography in collaboration with performer, Sarah Sandoval. Performers: EKGROW and Sarah Sandoval. Cinematography: Erin Malley, Sound: Ryan Wurst. 

SAP 2013-2014

Premiered at The Garage's 2014 RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) Program and KUNST-STOFF Arts.

Directed by EKGROW and choreographed in collaboration with performer, Sarah Sandoval.. Outside eye: Liz Tenuto. Music: Richard Wagner, Calmsound, and Carter Tutti Void.

A body, post-accident, creates high drama in “Sap." Two female dancers reveal, through extreme emotional contrast, the body’s destructive capacity for blurring our states of consciousness. Warped realities, self-medicating techniques, highly constructed states of being, and the power to create an exit from an unsavory experience guides them separately towards transformation and death. It’s a call to presence and hope as well a way to remove at all costs the invisible entities that cling to us post-collision. 

Photos by Kristian Punturere