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Photo by Kristian Punturere

Photo by Kristian Punturere

Thick, Wet Hide 2014-2015

Premiered at The Garage's 2014 RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) Program.

Choreography by Sarah Sandoval in collaboration with performer, EKGROW. Sound design by Sarah Sandoval using the following artists: Oren Ambarchi, Dean Blunt, and Inga Copeland, Shlomo ft. Jeremiah, Seven Deaths, Diplo. Costumes in collaboration with Ismael Acosta. Installation in collaboration with Manuel Palos Sculpture.

"Thick, Wet Hide" is a creative study using installation and other articles that obscure, alter and/or exaggerate identity. It explores a moment in a hyper-textural world where callused characters teeter between a mythological and contemporary existence. Elements of popular, and underground American culture serve as the inspired thread to stitch together the work's surreal environment.

Photos by Kristian Punturere

Mouth Breathers 2013-2014

Shown at the University of Minnesota. Improvisation by EKGROW, in collaboration withe video and audio artist, Ryan Wurst.

 A solo improvisation commissioned by visual/audio artist Ryan Wurst, to create material for a digital character known as Terri. The performer improvises to an ever-changing musical score and accumulates data that when applied to Terri loses all specificity and anatomical integrity. The work focuses on the excess in data our world accumulates and the even larger gap of information that is lost in translation once technology begins to process. 


Sarah Sandoval graduated with a BA in Dance with a Certificate of Outstanding Performance and Choreography from San Francisco State University. Sarah has performed in Boulder, Brazil, New York and San Francisco for choreographers such as Paco Gomes and Dancers, Dance Ceres, The Anata Project, Catherine Galasso and Andy DeGroat. Her performance work includes ODC’s Sandbox series with Laura Arrington as well as music videos directed by Mimi Cave for musicians Tune Yards and Jim James. Sarah has recently begun creating her own work for performance and video, collaborating with performer/choreographer Esme Kundanis-Grow and videographers Daniel Petersen and Michael Sandridge.

Ryan Wurst-Bio Coming Soon.